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May 17th 1992

"Hey guys, I found a longsword! Mysh, come here." - Bert

Bert (Short for Robert) was, along with Dubz, the first member of DeliciousCinnamon. He is the head honcho and is the member who organises most of the streams and let's plays. He is also the one who owns the DeliciousCinnamon accounts, such as on Youtube or, and has been present in all Let's Plays to date. He is currently in a relationship with his Boots, and has admitted to hating babies.

Scumbag BertEdit

Also known as Bumscag Bert or Scumbert, Scumbag Bert has an almost identical appearance to Bert, save for the fact that he wears the Scumbag Cap. He also has a similar personality to Bert, but he tends to be more of a jerk, and is more likely to get mad at Dubz.