In every piece of entertainment there must always exist one key component: the fans. These are just a few of some key contributing fans, also known as 'Cinnamites' among the community:

cornboy510: Known for his sporadic appearances and creation of "cornlag" when he tried to join a Warcraft III game with DC and lagged the game down.

slenderkitty: A quiet and solitary fan, she is more known for her coining of the nickname "Dumbz" for Dubz. Despite being a silent fan, she researches quite a lot on DC even though she doesn't attend streams often.

MoonHitler: Known as Binky on the forums, he is one of the resident Brits, and has a habit of avoiding Americanisms at all cost. He is a weird person in real life, is a casual codemonkey, and is Dubz' mistress.

Anigorn: Lurks in many streams. Occasionally makes fanart and performs other Cinnamite shenanigans from time to time. Makes a point of proposing to Mysh every livestream.

Masterjoe: Does absolutely nothing that contributes to the fandom besides watching the videos and leaving the occasional comment. Used to post on the forums but rarely does so anymore. Rarely watches streams.

Brookie_dough: Real name Brooke Robertson, she has made a lot of fanart, notably the thumbnails for the Viet Crystal and Crash Bandicoot Let's Plays.

SongOfAwesome: A fan who makes fanart, having gained notoriety from making the fanart that killed Bert during a Mario Party 2 stream.

ImpulsiveZombie: A fan who attemps to join DC events/games regularly without any success to this day. One of his most notable acheivements is purchasing Warcraft 3 in the hopes that he could join in on Warcraft Wednsdays, and then taking notice of the fact that said streams start at 3 AM where he lives. Also spams DC's Facebook page with annoying requests.