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And here we see the strange and near-mythical creature, combating against a pumpkin with great gallantry.

ImpulsiveZombie is a quiet fan who is completely unknown to others due to the fact that he hasn't been able to attend live events due to a horrible time difference.

What is this monstrosity? Edit

ImpulsiveZombie is a male youth with long-ish blonde hair, blue eyes and a pathetic patch of hair that he proudly proclaims as a beard.

Although young, the Impulsive one has an impressive grasp of sarcasm and general cynisism, and is often mistaken for a human of 20 years of age.

How is this guy relevant to DC?Edit

He isn't, really. He just happened to stumble upon a Viet Cystal episode whilst flickering tthrough random Youtube videos, to his delight. To this day he has been a major, yet silent, fan of DeliciousCinnamon.

He has suggested a couple of things to DC on the Facebook page, but that's about it. All in all, he's a pretty useless guy.