The chat is the term used to describe the fans that watch and commentate on DC livestreams. The chat likes to joke around, troll, and usually will try to help out any of the DC members if they need assistance in a game or in general. This has led to the use of terms such as "The chat is lex", "Scumbag chat," and "The chat is DC's google."

The chat is known for making hilarious comments about the ongoings of the livestream, as well as typos that result in new words to be used. (ex. "lovestream", "sliderman")

After hoursEdit

The chat's after hours are when DeliciousCinnamon has finished a livestream, and has most likely left the page. The fans still continue to use the chat as a means of communication, and sometimes spiral of into very diverse and interesting topics. The subjects talked about in the after hours can range from talking about general topics, like school, to more adult-like and NSFW topics. Many of the chats that occur in after hours usually will follow the latter. When NSFW topics appear, they are mostly brought on by a combination of jokes from the earlier livestream and sleep deprivation, or simply someone saying the wrong thing.

The topics usually fluctuate back and forth at a relatively fast manner, but the chat could also choose to stay on a subject for quite a long time of they have a lot to say about it. All in all, these chat after hours have been seen to go as long as six hours after the livestream has ended, and usually contains anywhere from three to seven people, but sometime will hold more.